Eazfuscator.Net - last free version

Eazfuscator.Net is paid software since version 3.4 (6+ alternatives below).
Download Eazfuscator.Net (last free version).

How to make Eazfuscator.Net 3.3 work with Visual Studio 2012
If Eazfuscator doesn't find the ildasm.exe in Visual Studio installation,
go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows, look for ildasm.exe
and copy it to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\bin\
You'll need to create the missing folders if any.
Eazfuscator 3.3 (last free version) doesn't support .NET 4.5 and WinRT.

Eazfuscator.Net has some free alternatives (list updated on 25.08.2018)
To obfuscate your .Net apps, you can also use the following products:

> ConfuserEx (open source),
> Obfuscar (open source),
> DotNet Patcher (open source),
> AppFuscator (online, free mode),
> DotRefiner (free),
> Agile.net (free edition),
> Orange Heap (free),
> NCloak (open source),
> Phoenix Protector (free),
> SharpObfuscator (free),
> .NET Obfusasm (free mode),
> Codefort (free edition),
> Skater .Net (free edition).


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Found your post on SO. Thank you.

Matt said...

Thank you for keeping this excellent piece of software! It was really hard to find if you want it free.

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Thank you so much. Provided install notes are very helpful too !

Good work!

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Such a great list. It saved me hours for searching. Thank you!

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Alain Henriot said...

I would use Eazfiscator 3.3 under VS 2015 Community ed.
The method described here is not working.
Someone did this?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Nothing works on the community edition :)
On Pro I know it works.

Anonymous said...

Worked for me on VS 2015 Community Edition. Thanks for sharing!

Oleksiy said...


Eazfuscator.NET developer is here. Please be aware that Eazfuscator.NET 3.3 was released long before VS 2015 and thus was never tested with newer .NET Framework versions and Roslyn-based compilers.

This is important because we know that there are a lot of omissions that come to the surface in Eazfuscator.NET 3.3 + VS 2015 combo. More details are available in a dedicated "Visual Studio 2015, Roslyn Compilers and Obfuscation" article.

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Thank you for this post! I had to add to my system variable PATH this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v8.1A\bin\NETFX 4.5.1 Tools
Eazfuscator is great!

Anonymous said...

Hi, i want to obfuscate a solution that contain many dependent projects. Then how will we use Eazfuscator to obfuscate dependent projects ?